What is PeePocket?

The Pee-Pocket is a portable disposable urinary device that affords women the luxury of standing up while relieving themselves. I am sure you have been in similar situations like I have with my wife and little girls either on a road trip, in a gas station, at a sporting event, mall, or outdoors hiking in nature when “nature” calls. Usually they complain how they couldn’t sit due to the unsanitary condition of the seats or are embarrassed to squat in the woods along a trail.

This product has been popular with those that love to hike, cycle, CAMP, Ski, snowmobile, run races or enjoy any outdoor activity. There isn’t always a convenient place for

The Pee Pocket™ was ORIGINALLY developed by a team of doctors who were fed up with dirty and unsanitary public bathrooms for their families. These surgeons developed a single-use, disposable, biodegradable device so that all woman everywhere could finally take a stand, avoid un-sanitary conditions and the potential for skin infections.

The demand for The Pee Pocket™ has been so great by health care professionals, that a larger 48-pack carton was developed for hospitals, clinics, acute and long-term care facilities. Elderly women, post-surgical patients, (hip, knee, etc.), pregnant women and men who have trouble squatting or bending down to pee have regained their independence to relieve themselves.

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