What is PeePocket?

The Pee Pocket is a single-use urinary device that is perfect for athletes, travelers, the elderly, disabled, pregnancy, parents of young girls, post-surgery patients - anyone who might have to go while on the go!-

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About Us

The Pee Pocket® was developed by a team of doctors who were fed up with dirty and unsanitary public bathrooms for their families. These surgeons developed a single-use, disposable, biodegradable device so that everyone can finally take a stand®, avoid un-sanitary conditions and the potential for skin infections.

The demand for The Pee Pocket® has been so great by patients that a larger 48-pack carton was developed for hospitals, clinics, acute and long-term care facilities. Elderly women, post-surgical patients, (hip, knee, etc.), pregnant women and men who have trouble squatting or bending down to pee have regained their independence to relieve themselves.

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How to Use

Hold The Pee Pocket® between your thumb and fingers and squeeze together to create funnel.

Lower pants or lift skirt.

Place the large opening so it completely covers the pee flow area and point the opposite tip down slightly.

Relax and go.

Clean with the hygienic tissue wipe.

Return The Pee Pocket® and wipe to the disposable bag, then toss.

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